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    To provide confidence to educators that they are taking the right step in adopting  in technology education, it is good to know that during the last few years, progressive countries in the Asia Pacific region have formulated state policies and strategies. Even in the Philippine, public school transforms education via ICT, since last year, the school has been using online Course Management System to conduct classes, exams and even trainings.
      This imperative among nations has there for given tremendous  responsibilities on educators to create an educational technology environment in schools.
     Government with the education and technology sectors, community groups, and industry envisions to support to the development of the capability of schools to use information and communication technologies in teaching-and-learning and in administration.
   It Foresees schools to be:
Improving learning outcomes for students using ICT to support the curriculum
·                     Using ICT to improved the efficiency and effectiveness of educational administration.
·                     Developing partnerships with communities to enhance access to learning through ICT.
Focus areas
·                     Infrastructure for increasing schools' access to ICTs to enhance education.
·                     Professional development so that school managers and teachers can increase their capacity to use ICT.

          an On-line Resource Center with a centrally managed website for the delivery of multimedia resources to schools
·                     A computer recycling scheme
·                     A planning and implementation guide for schools
·                     ICT professional development schools/clusters


         Because of these changes, the DepEd implemented this program about “The Unified Basic Education Information System” which may improved the monitoring and evaluation of DepEd program as well as provide the planning and programming process.
          To the support of this program, the students will be able to focuses on their goal when it comes to informative knowledge in their school assessment activities such as reports, assignments, laboratories and researches.

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